Teacher Training Videos by New American Horizon Foundation

The New American Horizon Foundation aims to enhance the development of teachers through the creation of a series of free training videos. Teaching ESL to Adults: Classroom Approaches in Action is a series of twelve excellent videos, which can be viewed online. The Whole Part Whole Video is highly recommended.

Teacher Training Videos by Minnesota Literacy Council

There are four videos for low level literacy instruction including phonics, speaking and daily routine. The other video series are not literacy specific but are also useful.

Carringbush Adult Education

This is a five part videos series of teacher training resources developed by Carringbush Adult Education for teachers of foundation level adult EAL learners. They are designed to be used in group professional development settings or independently by teachers.

5-Part Literacy Series by Jean Campbell

NOTE: This link is for part 1 of 5. Please login to Tutela before clicking this link to access. This 5 part video series from 2017 is available on Tutela and addresses Learner Characteristics, Learning Strategies, Scaffolding, PBLA and Learning to Read.