Curriculum Materials

Bow Valley College Literacy Readers

Forty theme-based readers, along with an instructor’s guide, will support ESL literacy instructors to create comprehensive, theme-based lessons for adult ESL literacy learners. You can print the stories or listen to them online.

Minnesota Literacy Council ESL Story Bank

The story bank is a collection of 22 short stories written specifically for adult ESL learners. Each story has a phonics focus with flashcards and worksheets that can be printed for free.

Changing Lanes: English as a Second Language Reading Series

A seven book series by the Halifax Immigrant Learning Centre. The stories include notes to the teacher, suggestions and several pages of worksheets.

Knowing your Literacy Students Project by Calgary Women’s Immigrant Association

The Knowing Your Literacy Students project was designed to help immigrant women who are falling behind in the process of learning English, and transition up into the regular LINC stream. In order to accomplish this CIWA wanted to create an alternative curriculum that would target the barriers LINC teachers and our research identified.

Carringbush Reading Series

The Carringbush Reading Series features stories and language from everyday life that are relevant to adult English language and literacy learners. The books in the series are designed to be used as reading resources and as tools in the classroom to accompany lessons on themes such a daily routines, going to a GP appointment, employment pathways and other topics.

The Financial ESL Literacy Toolkit

The Financial ESL Literacy Toolkit supports ESL literacy practitioners in the delivery of financial literacy and numeracy instruction. The toolkit contains contains guiding principles for financial literacy and numeracy instruction in the ESL Literacy classroom, information on assessing learner understanding and placement assessment tools, and themed units.

CIWA Health Literacy Resources

This Literacy appropriate health resource from CIWA includes free videos, resources to print and worksheets for students to complete. The videos are available in several languages as well as English.

Multilevel Modules

These multi-level modules are not specifically geared towards Literacy students but CLB 1 and 2 are available. The modules are classroom ready and include resources, skill building and skill using activities as well as real world task assessments.

Eye on Literacy

A source of Wordless Picture Books for Adult Second Language Literacy Learners (require purchase) that can be instrumental in developing the oral language required for literacy development.